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At DDTSB we collect data from large european automotive helpdesk centers. Just on our DDTSB helpdesk we already solve over 50.000 cases annually, that’s a lot of data! We analyse this data and look for trends, in other words we look for what fails on specific car models. When we see a trend we start an investigation and create a Bulletin.

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As a young boy I helped out in my dads workshop on Saturdays and after school. My dad owned a junkyard with a little workshop. One day a customer came by and asked me if we had a good replacement Volkswagen Golf Diesel engine. I didn’t see my dad so I asked the customer to follow me to the row of Volkswagens in the Junkyard and one by one I started opening the hood of each Golf. The third Golf finally had an engine in it,

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Bizar! New Volkswagen Airconditioning not working from factory!
Expensive repair? Other shop just guessed!
Customer states; "Engine died found this under vehicle"

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