Support base

At DDTSB we collect data from large european automotive helpdesk centers. Just on our DDTSB helpdesk we already solve over 50.000 cases annually, that’s a lot of data! We analyse this data and look for trends, in other words we look for what fails on specific car models. When we see a trend we start an investigation and create a Bulletin.

We make our Bulletins as clear as possible, with explanatory pictures and if available a video. We keep making Bulletins as long as we see a specific model on the road, even if the model is more than 10 years old and it develops a specific problem at a higher mileage or at an older age!

This is why we have collected data that is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. Finding the right Bulletins can be challenging but in DDTSB it’s easy! You can simply enter a licence plate number (available for; UK, Holland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Finland) you can also search on VIN or select a car manually. After you have selected the vehicle all you have to do is enter a symptom or a faultcode and if it’s something that we see frequently on that model, one or more Bulletins will be presented so you know what to look for.

Video instruction

Watch this short DDTSB introduction video !

Of course it’s only a small  impression of our program with thousands of aftermarket Bulletins (and more) but you get a general idea of what we have to offer. 


Not just Bulletins!

DDTSB is constantly being updated with new Bulletins and functions! In the program you’ll find more than just Bulletins and repair solutions. Hotline; Let’s Diagnose it together!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes and that’s why we integrated our helpdesk in the program. You can ask your question in the hotline section and one of our specialists will answer it as soon as possible. Our helpdesk is one of the biggest in Europe and together with our customers we solve over 50.000 cases annually .

A hotline ticket costs €20 per case. Helpdesk tickets are available per 5 tickets. 

Measuring methods

To diagnose a vehicle, you might need to perform a measurement you are not familiar with or perhaps have forgotten. No stress! In the measuring methods section, we will show you how it’s done in easy-to-follow steps with clear illustrations


Have you ever experienced that your scan tool provides you with a fault code but in the description it says; Brand specific fault code? Simply enter the code in our fault code database and get the right brand specific description for any fault code. Our database currently contains 385.200 fault codes and the database is growing every month.


In the education section you’ll find unique Diagnosedan Training video’s that are not available anywhere else! We monitor the most fequently asked question on our helpdesk and that’s how we know on what subjects technicians could use some extra training.

All of this is included in your subscription without any limitations!

How can DDTSB help my workshop?

I can assure you our program will save you time, money and stress. Having access to unique information,helpdesk and training at this pricepoint is what makes our program very popular.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a specialist, Independent or Dealership we support thousands of workshops from all around the world.

DDTSB is developed in Europe and based upon info from cars we can find on the European market, those are mainly European and Asian vehicles.

In Europe the number of American vehicles are limited and because of that our progam contains little to no information on them, therefore wo don’t recommend DDTSB if you mainly work on American vehicles.
Did you know that over 50% of all workshops in Scandinavia use our program daily, we are the fastest growing automotive program in Europe and 95% of our customers re-subscribe after their subscription has expired.


Our mission

Our goal is to create the best TSB program out there, tailored to meet the needs of a busy technician. This

requires special search intelligence of the program and high-quality information with real life pictures in the

TSBs. We want to offer the technicians a place to store information in an organized manner in a custom-

made program. If you solve a difficult job today and get the same job tomorrow, you will with most

certainty solve the fault much quicker the second time based on yesterday’s experience. But what if you

meet the same difficult job in 2 years from now? If the fault has potential to be a TSB, our team will create a

TSB, based on your challenging job, and share it in DDTSB under the correct car/model/engine and

symptom. Imagine having a program where thousands of like-minded technicians from all over the world

shared their experience in appreciation from all the TSBs (experience from someone else) already there.

This is what DDTSB is all about. Being the platform where technicians share experience with each other in

an organized manner.


Purpose of the program

The purpose of the program is to give workshops access to more information than what is already

available today. The hotline at DDTSB (Elektro Partner) is one of the biggest in Europe and

supports mainly aftermarket workshops but also many OEM workshops. Analyzing the data from

all these questions in the hotline database, it’s very clear that despite workshops having access to

OEM data, having an arsenal of different testers, and of course having a trained technician, there

are still a lot of challenges that are not easily found like e.g., intermittent faults. We have the data to

see these faults (trends) that many workshops struggle with, and we hope that by making TSBs on

the most common faults, that our customers will find and measure the fault in a shorter time by

using DDTSB as a first step to a diagnose. This will help the workshops to a more quickly and

accurate diagnose and repair, leading to more satisfied customers and better business outcomes.


Difference between OEM TSBs and DDTSB

OE Manufacturer Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs).

These are documents that are issued by the original manufacturer of a vehicle or component to

provide guidance to technicians on how to address common issues or problems that have been

identified with the product. These bulletins are typically based on the manufacturers own testing

and research, and they are meant to provide technicians with the most up-to-date information on

how to diagnose and repair specific issues. Often the data is coming from dealerships warranty

data. Typically, this data is from cars in the age from 0-3 years.

OEM workshops use OEM TSBs on the challenges they face in the early days of the car’s

lifetime. Why stop there? DDTSB wish to make new TSBs also on problems happening

when the cars get older than 3 years.

Aftermarket TSBs

The TSBs found in DDTSB are referred to as Aftermarket TSBs.

Aftermarket Technical Service Bulletins are documents that are created by third-party companies

or organizations, rather than the original manufacturer. These bulletins are typically based on

research, repair, and testing conducted by these third-party organizations. Aftermarket TSBs may

offer alternative solutions to common problems or supply other information beyond what is included

in the OE manufacturers’ bulletins.

Bulletins in DDTSB

Our TSBs are made by professional TSB creators at DDTSB and reviewed by hotline, brand

specialists and perhaps also the author to the TSB if they are based on experience from one of our


We get most of our data to TSBs from previous hotline cases, but we also have a huge network of

part suppliers, specialists etc. that we cooperate with when doing research to a new TSB. We write

with what we know at the time the TSB is released. When we learn more about the problem

described in the TSB, we update the TSB with the latest information making sure we always have

the latest information available on known problems. Our users are a big part of this. At the bottom

of each TSB there is a feedback button where users can share additional information directly to the

DDTSB team.

Another way we differentiate from some OEM TSBs is that the data that we use is

also based on cars older than 2-3 years (warranty period). As long as we receive an x-amount of

questions about a problem in our hotline, we will continue to make TSBs on these subjects

regardless the age of the car.

We aim to write in terms of an average technician, and we take into consideration that some brand

specific systems require some extra explanation. Our aim is to get as much necessary information

into the TSBs as possible so the technician can solve the problem quickly and accurately.

Frequently asked questions

No you’ll only find a bulletin or repair solution for known issues.

You can look around the program in our demo version at

Here you can see a preselected car, TSB, and video and if you select a car in manual mode (not plate No. or VIN No. ) then you can see if we have a TSB on the symptom you seek. You then need to buy the program to see the TSB.

No we don’t, you’ll get a reminder when the subscription is about to expire and it’s up to you to renew it.

No it doesn’t, DDTSB is a database for known faults and repair solutions. However DDTSB can be upgraded with Autodata. If you are intersted in upgrading contact us at

No. A hotline ticket costs €20 per case. Helpdesk tickets are available per 5 tickets. Some helpdesk services are free of charge, for example when you want to share a tip with others.

Absolutely! We work closely together with Sulpliers, car manufacturers, knowledge partners, helpdesks and workshops from all around the world to source information to create our Bulletins. We love to get your feedback and if this leads to the creation of a new bulletin your company name will be included as the source at the bottom of this Bulletin!

You can upload your tips in the hotline section and of course this is free of charge.

Get 6 months subscription for €195 + VAT

Get 12 months subscription for €365 + VAT


DDTSB is in English but has a feature where you can change language of the program to a Google  translated language to the following languages: Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Yes you can always ask your question in any language but our helpdesk will always write back in English.

No. We refer to our TSBs as aftermarket TSBs and these are not OEM copies. However, you will

find a lot of similarities between OEM and aftermarket TSBs since they kind of overlap each other

from when OEM stop making data (e.g., when the car is older than 3 years) and from when our

hotline starts to receive questions about the same subject (from e.g. the car is 1-3 years).