290 new TSBs uploaded to DDTSB June 2023

This week we uploaded 290 new TSBs and updates on 151 existing TSBs.

Here are some examples:


TSB No. 9521

Opel/Vauxhall Corsa D 2006-2014.

ABS/ESP indicator on with different electrical malfunctions, such as lack of power steering and starting problems. One or more of the following fault codes stored:

C0000 – Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

C044A – No Engine RPM Signal

U0073 – ECU Communication Bus A Off

U0121 – Lost Communication with Electronic Brake Control Module

U0140 – Lost Communication With Body Control Module

U2100 – CAN Databus Malfunction

U2105 – Communication with Engine Control Unit Faulty

U2107 – Communication with BCM is Faulty

U2108 – Communication with ABS/ESP Failed

U2111 – CAN Bus No Communication With EHPS

U2116 – Communication with Instrument Cluster Failed

As can be seen in a wiring diagram to this model, the CAN bus to both ABS and power steering are connected in series between BCM and Engine control unit. This means that in case of CAN bus fault, it cannot be ruled out which control unit causes the fault by disconnecting control units while measuring the signal. You will have to bypass the 2 control units that are connected in series on the CAN bus. The fault is often caused by a faulty ABS control unit (A37).


TSB No. 9548

VAG EA288 Diesel from 2013->

MIL on after repair after timing belt failure, engine operation is possibly not affected but fault code stored:

P001600 – Crankshaft Position-Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A

VAG models with the diesel engine EA288, which is used in all passenger cars since 2013 (Golf 7), have had several different problems with the timing belt over time. We have seen several workshops that, in an attempt to save money for the customer, choose to try their luck after a timing belt failure by not replacing the camshafts. Or they purchase and fit a used camshaft housing including camshafts. Then challenges may occur if, for example, the camshaft has twisted, which can be seen in the picture below.

Volkswagen ea288 camshaft P0016


TSB No. 9606

Honda Civic 2017-2023 1.0 VTEC (P10A2/P10A4).

MIL turns on, lack of engine power, difficult to start engine, fault codes stored:

P0011 – Variable Valve Timing Control (VTC) A System Malfunction

P0014 – Variable Valve Timing Control (VTC) B System Malfunction

P055F – Engine Oil Pressure Out of Range

P2263 – Turbocharger Wastegate Control System Performance Problem

P2646 – Oil Pressure Switch Circuit Low Voltage

This engine can have problems with oil pressure and, as a result, problems with the V-TEC. This often happens because a strainer is clogged by particles from the timing belt (wet belt). However, this is not the same issue as in PSA Pure Tech or Ford 1.0 EcoBoost, where the timing belt dissolves.

In this Honda engine, this problem is instead caused by the timing belt that can rub against the crankshaft pulley. This wears off material from the timing belt which can clog the oil strainer.

Honda wet belt failure

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